Friday, February 29, 2008

Ashop: the best for eCommerce

Since the opportunities for paid blogging appear to be diminishing, many will be looking for a new way to make money on the internet, and some will be considering an ecommerce site. However setting up your own ecommerce site is more or less impossible for the ‘casual’ website builder as your e-shopper will demand credit-card compatibility, high-security encryption and a flawless browsing and shopping experience.

To build your own ecommerce solution would involve complex front-end and back-end programming with product and customer databases which may well even require you to upgrade your web hosting package. Once this realisation has become apparent, your budding entrepreneur is starting to think maybe a car-boot or garage sale is about as hi-tech as he can manage, unless he comes across off-the-shelf ecommerce software that will expand with his business.

One such solution is Ashop, one of the leading software solutions for start-up ecommerce sites. Not only does it have a low-cost entry-level solution to suit the tentative business-person (less than £25/US$50/AUS$70 per month), they host the ecommerce pages on their own dedicated servers, so there is no need to upgrade to an expensive web-hosting package, and you can fully customise the pages so that the shopper will have a seamless browsing experience between your main site and the ecommerce pages.

Couple this with safe encryption, compatibility with major banks and credit cards built in as standard and there’s no reason why you can’t start using this system tomorrow… especially since there is a free introductory period. The features of this package, even at the entry-level stage add up to a staggering list, and there is a handy video presentation on the Ashop website which outlines how this software works to provide the complete ecommerce solution that you are looking for.

More Blogsvertise some payments: $ 18.00

Once again I speak this EXCELLENT site that pays you for doing advertisements (reviews) from companies that hire the system and its review is accepted you will be paid after an average of 30 days, the valley very blogsvertise off, click here to learn more on the site and to see the payment click on the screen.

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Solve your financial life

Many people are as dirty name, or a bad reputation of credit due to financial mismanagement. If you are one of those people who are with this bad reputation and financial facing bankruptcy in the near future, you should take concrete steps to improve and establish your credit. What you really need is good and reliable information on improving your credit score and you can check all this information in, if you have a bad credit credit cards you are in the right place.

They allow visitors to compare dozens of offers of credit with major suppliers and find the best offer to meet their needs. And the realization of payments over time, the consumer can rebuild their credit and, perhaps, its future financial. For more information, see its website at the

Do not waste time ensuring his future and his family because the badcreditoffers has everything you need as far right of your problem is a reliable company and with a fine reputation and help solve their problem of credit cards for bad credit.

1st payment Ptc-house: $ 0.02

In just over two days has been possible to achieve the minimum payment of PTC-House, which is only $ 0.02 and it is done within 48 hours, are several to click, very easy to handle and to get paid you will need a paypal account (click here and learn to make a), to see the payment click on the screen and to register click on the banner below:

Play pool with the best

In the world there are passionate for billiards and I bring a hint super interesting is the online pool that can be found on the site, it can be enjoy a variety of games of billiards, such as blora 8, 9 and snooker ball and you can still make friends with people of the world because the online pool can be found in more than 5 languages.

You can play online billiard participating in tournaments daily since billiardmagic has a super technology and super graphics, the goal is to bring you the best so you can play online billiards, games to provide you with information to help you improve your game, give you access to exciting tournaments, and the opportunity to win prizes incredible in a safe environment.

All are committed to providing high security to the players so they can play online billiard without worrying about any invasion and without danger of their money being lost.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be the best of the best in poker

Bring to you lovers of Poker, a poker calculator an advanced software that will help you in any departure from poker leaving you increasingly experienced, the Texas Hold'em Odds Calculator just run it will even detect your game and goes well detailed all statistics of the game and can still be used at the same time in several tables.

Texas Hold'em is crucial for anyone to become a renowned player of poker, it is easier everything you new ideas and if you say you are a good or bad situation, and if you avoid simple mistakes that can lead you to lose everything.

Then use it to take the demonstration on the site it will give you tips online poker very important proof now.

The best backgammon totally free

Bring to you the greatest of backgammon online interactive portal Internet, since 1999 the gammon-world is online and has more than 250000 play backgammon, if you are about to learn to play backgammon online and want to play with different people you come to the right place because you stay inside of everything that happens from small events to major tournaments.

Gammon-world concept is in backgammon online because you do not pay anything to play is all completely free, whenever you want to play backgammon just go to gammon-world and select your opponent from anywhere in the world, players do not need to be connected to the same time and online backgammon runs on any browser.

The software used is top-line and graphics is in real life, every team is careful to meet him and spend docks, news and all varieties of online backgammon tournaments, and all in a safe environment without risk of invasions.

Want to play backgammon? Then it is the

For lovers of backgammon have a great hint to you, is the site totally dedicated to Internet backgammon, offers tournaments and events, betting on real money or just for fun.

The site is organized with easy manipulation, the software backgammon game is very easy download but if you have any doubt the site offers a great support staff and can still be found in seven languages.

Do not waste more time and play the best backgammon online Internet and you will not regret if, among check everything and be spoken here, the best backgammon Internet.

JoylandCasino the best!

For those who like a big casino ai will tip is the Joyland casino is a great online casino where you will find numerous offers and promotions incredible and still can start with a sensational bonus of $ 808 for new players.

You can take all your questions with the online support, and will find a school of Joyland free poker casino is the best online casino find in more than 15 different languages among the biggest check in online casino.

Joyland Casino operates under a license granted by the committee of Kahnawake gaming, and is in accordance with the provisions of the Kahnawake Gaming Act.
JoylandCasino the best virtual casino Internet.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another payment Blogsvertise: $ 18.00

The Blogsvertise remains a great source of income for Blogs, because its proposals are very good and the criteria are not as rigídos as other sites, reviews and even he accepts posts in Portuguese what others do not accept to see the payment (to receive the payment you will need a paypal account click here and learn to make a) click on the screen and for more information about the blogsvertise click here.

Note: The screen is hosted on Shareapic (click here and learn how to make money with the Shareapic) then click again to zoom the image so you can view the payment.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SponsoredReviews second payment: $ 69.88

The SponsoredReviews is more a market of paid reviews you can use to make some money. To sign up you must submit your blog for approval, to submit a blog is suggested a price for their reviews. This value determines the maximum you can ask for each review. It has put the figure much higher but should also not place the minimum amount suggested. The reviews range from some prices may reach to 500 dollars, to register SponsoredReviews click on the banner below to learn how to make your paypal account and click here, to see the payment click on the screen.

Ptc-house payout only $ 0.02

Minimum $0.02 payout
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$0.0025 to $0.01 link ads
Mass payouts daily!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

More Blogsvertise a payment: $ 10.00

One more I talk about Blogsvertise one of the best sites that pay you to write reviews of advertisers in various areas and they pay a month after its review is approved, I recommend a site because it is giving money to achieve, for more information click here and to see the payment click on the screen.

Friday, February 22, 2008

ParadiseClick: win in euro!

I bring you another fantastic ptc Italian who follows the success of his colleague payperuse even very good and easy to apply for payment.

Receive € 0.01 per link to click
Receive € 0,075 per link to click
The minimum payout € 8.00 and is done through paypal (click here to learn to make your paypal account) and to join us in paradiseclick click here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Create your PayPal account!

With this video you will learn to create your paypal account step-by-step.

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Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

More clixncash payment: $ 0.26

Clixncash a great PTC that still paying for paypal because the majority of PTC's migrated to the Alertpay after Paypal block the accounts of several PTC's, by many links and the payment is one day after being requested or even the same day, to see the payment and click on the screen.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

BuzzShed: Get paid to watch videos

BuzzShed is a site that comes with a proposal tempting: you pay to see videos. But how? Well, I will try to go fast words how the system. Basically, the BuzzShed is a community where you can see videos of different users or even post yours. The best videos are categorized and classified. You can view the videos and make comments and vote in those that you think best.

The differential of BuzzShed is in the fact that you could be paid to watch some videos. At the time of registration in BuzzShed, will be some questions, in English, of the type: you read books? How many? So based on statistical data, which are provided at the time of your registration, you will be notified in your account BuzzShed, which has videos to see. For each video seen, you will receive $ 0.30. But Attention: only the videos classified as BuzzClips, it is something they pay (see caption below).

The BuzzShed also has another interesting programme of remuneration. This is the program, indicated or affiliates. For each member indicated the BuzzShed, you win $ 1.00. It is undoubtedly a very significant amount indicated by. Payments are made by paypal, on the first day of each month (make your paypal account entirely free, click here). However, you can only ask the payment, when it reaches the minimum value of $ 20.00.

A warning to anyone circumvent the system: The BuzzShed has a strict control system members, and excludes the same to the lowest sign of irregularity. Given the warning, now it is only you join BuzzShed. Click here, sign up on the option Buzzclip member and good profits!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First payment SponsoredReviews: $ 30.55

The SponsoredReviews paid to write reviews, or many advertisers leave its proposals to the minimum and maximum payment then you give the value of its proposal and whether the advertiser accept you receive the pagamneto every fortnight of the month. Sign your blog and see the amount of notice that there is available and to see the payment click on the screen and to register click on the banner below.

Friday, February 8, 2008

More blogsvertise payment: $10.00

The blogsvertise one of the best sites for reviews, they send you the proposals in the majority of 10 US dollars but say they may reach above 25 dollars and pay one month after the approval of the review to see the payment click on the screen and to register click here.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another payment clixncash: $ 0.25

More cixncash a payment, a PTC that paid to click on links in e-mails and it is very easy to achieve because many links every day, to register and click here to see the payment click on the screen.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Good sites that pay for reviews

Blogsvertise: Only accepts blogs the blogger platform. Although the site is in English, accepts that you post on blogger in Portuguese Gains vary by post, and is measured by its traffic, quality of the blog and pagerank. Pay by PayPal. It also has affiliates program, which pays to get advertisers to the site (about 20%).

BloggingAds: It is a site that suggests you post to your blog, summaries pre-finalized. You only have to pick up the work the text and post to your blog. It is rigorous in the selection of blogs. Pay every 45 days, by paypal.

ReviewMe: Pay posting to your blog. You choose the best deals on the site itself, according to their qualification and traffic. It affiliate program and pays 25 dollars of commission by the affiliate that advertise on Me Review Pay for paypal, monthly.

Sponsored Reviews: Pay to put on your blog, and gives you a roof for you to define how you want to be paid for each post. Pay for paypal, monthly. There is also a programme of affiliates, where you can earn $ 5.00 per blog said. Furthermore, you can earn up to $ 175.00 per advertiser said.

BuyBlogReviews: It is a site that paid to do reviews. With it, owners of blogs can make a good income writing posts paid. The system is quite practical them. You make a quick register, then insert their blogs. In minimum period of 72 hours, their blogs are evaluated. Blogs in English always have priority in evaluating them.

BloggerWave: Bloggerwave is a new website which provides new ways to make money with your blog without being with viral advertising that some programs provide advertising.
It Blogger? Want to earn some change with your blog?
Then sign up at the site of Bloggerware and begin examining sites and earn money at the same time.

Friday, February 1, 2008

First payment BuyBlogReviews: $ 3.50

BuyBlogReviews is another site that paid to do reviews. With it, owners of blogs can make a good income writing posts paid. The system is quite practical them. You make a quick register, then insert their blogs. In minimum period of 72 hours, their blogs are evaluated. Blogs in English always have priority in evaluating them.

For more information click here to see the payment and click on the screen.

More Blogsvertise payments: $ 16.00

More blogsvertise a payment, a site that you do reviews on companies or products, for more information click here to see the payment and click on the screen.